Case studies

For the last 5+ years I have been working as a product designer at CircleCI which is a continuous integration and delivery product aimed at engineering leaders, developer experience people and developers. Case studies refer to the work that I did at CircleCI.

CircleCI integrates with VCS, automatically on every commit runs pipeline which tests code. Passing pipelines are deployed to various environments so product goes to market faster. In case that pipeline fails the team is notified and offered with tools which make recovery faster.

  • CircleCI insights

    Leveraging data to help customers make better engineering decisions

    View case study CircleCI insights
  • Test splitting

    Speed up the execution of tests suites

    View case study Test splitting
  • CircleCI redesign

    Redesign of a platform for continuous integration and delivery

    View case study CircleCI redesign
  • Self-hosted runners

    Enable users to execute jobs on their own hardware

    View case study Self-hosted runners
  • CircleCI design system

    Creation of design system for CircleCI product

    View case study Circleci design system
  • Workflow timeline

    Increasing visibility into what is happening while pipelines are running

    In progress

    Workflow timeline